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Laser Line Generators

Self-contained Green, Infrared and Red Line Laser modules with integrated laser driver circuit, optics and laser diode.
They are suitable for different applications such the alignment, positionning, and measurement.

Warning! These lasers emits radiation that can be harmful to the eye. Do not look directly into the laser aperture. Direct viewing of laser beam at close range may cause eye damage. (see laser classification)

Line laser moduleLine laser module (635nm)Line laser module (20 degrees)

Line laser module with a fan angle of 60░, available in 650nm, with an output power of 1, 3 or 5mW. It is suitable for alignment and pointing devices.


Line laser module with a fan angle of 60░, available in 635nm, with an output power of 1 or 3mW.


Line laser module with a fan angle of 20 degrees, suitable for alignment and pointing applications.

US$ 15.00 <1mW
US$ 15.00 <3mW
US$ 17.50 <5mW
US$ 19.75
US$ 15.00 <1mW
US$ 15.00 <3mW
US$ 17.50 <5mW
Adjustable focus red line laser moduleFocusable Line Red Laser ModuleFocusable Line Red Laser Module, 635nm

This good quality focusable Line Laser module is fully self-contained with laser diode, a integrated laser driver circuit, glass aspherical lens optics, and focusable cylindrical lens generating an accurate laser line.


This red laser module include a metal housing, a laser diode, drive circuit and optics. It project a focusable line.


This red laser module include a metal housing, a laser diode, drive circuit and optics. It project a focusable line.

US$ 17.95
US$ 19.95 <1mW
US$ 19.95 <5mW
US$ 35.00 10mW
US$ 25.00 <1mW, 635nm
US$ 25.00 <5mW, 635nm
Line Laser Module360 degree Red line laser moduleFocusable Green Laser Line Generator Module

Line laser module in plastic molded housing, 90 degrees fan angle, for alignment, measurement and pointing devices


Rd laser module generating a circular line beam with a fan angle of 360 degrees


This focusable green laser line generator module is used in many applications such alignment, inspection and robot vision.

US$ 12.50
US$ 95.00
US$ 95.00 <5mW
US$ 115.00 <10mW
Green Line generator Laser ModuleCompact green laser module with line generatorGreen line laser module

The 532nm DPSS green line laser module is self-contained and designed for use in industrial alignment, medical and scientific applications.


Compact green laser module with line generator.


This green laser module projects an uniform green laser line. Electronics and optics have been integrated into a compact and robust brass housing of 16 x 70mm.

US$ 89.50 <1mW
US$ 89.50 <5mW
US$ 109.50 <10mW
US$ 135.00 <20mW
US$ 49.50 <1mW
US$ 49.50 <5mW
US$ 69.50 <10mW
US$ 89.50 <20mW
US$ 99.50 <30mW
US$ 125.00 <50mW
US$ 79.00 <1mW
US$ 79.00 <5mW
US$ 79.00 <10mW
US$ 89.00 <20mW
US$ 99.50 <50mW
405nm Violet Line Laser ModuleLine generator Infrared Laser moduleHeat sink 12mm

This compact and self-contained 405nm violet laser modules generate a line of 90 degrees. It's available in <5mW or <20mW


This Infrared Line Laser module generate a line (not visible) with a fan angle of 60 degrees.


Dissipates and cools heat generated by laser modules and helps to regulate output power stability.

US$ 42.50 <5mW
US$ 49.50 <20mW
US$ 49.50 <5mW
US$ 55.00 <20mW
US$ 65.00 <40mW
US$ 17.50
Mounting bracket for laser modules110/220, power supply adaptor, 3V3 Volts power supply kit

This multidirectional metal mounting bracket facilitate positioning and provide additional heat sink protection to the laser diode module. Compatible for GM-CW02, GM-CW02L, AGLL2, AGLM2 and T-203 laser modules


110/220, power supply adaptor, 3V for laser modules. Includes 2 aligator clips


Box unit for 2 AAA batteries. Includes two alligators clamps and ON / OFF switch.

US$ 17.50
US$ 17.50
US$ 9.75
Safety Glasses for red LasersSafety eyewear for infrared and green laser

This Laser safety glasses is designed to provide protection against accidental exposure to red laser beam of 620 to 700nm.


These high performance laser safety goggle are made of high PC material with laser absorber, these glasses protects against accidental eye exposure to green laser 315 to 532nm and Infra red 900 to 1070nm. .

US$ 59.95
US$ 69.95