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AGLL2 : Green Line generator Laser Module

Green Line generator Laser Module
US$ 89.50 <1mW
US$ 89.50 <5mW
US$ 109.50 <10mW
US$ 135.00 <20mW

The 532nm DPSS green line laser module is self-contained and designed for use in industrial alignment, medical and scientific applications.
It generate a visible homogenous distribution line with an aperture angle of 90░

Specifications :

  Laser Class :  Semiconductor (class II, IIIa, IIIb)  
  Wavelength :  532nm  
  Output Power :  <1,<5, <10, <20mW  
  Output Mode :  Continuous  
  Input Voltage :  3V DC  
  Operation Current :  < 300mA  
  Operation Temp. :  20░C - 30░C  
  Beam :  Line ( 90░ fan angle)  
  Divergence :  1.4mrad  
  Expected Lifetime :  > 4000 hours  
  Case Material :  Metal  
  Length :  60mm  
  Diameter :  20 mm  

Warning! These lasers emits radiation that can be harmful to the eye. Do not look directly into the laser aperture. Direct viewing of laser beam at close range may cause eye damage. (see laser classification)


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