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LASCAN : Laser Cane for Parkinsonís disease

Laser Cane for Parkinsonís disease
US$ 225.00

Parkinsonís Disease affects hundreds of thousands of people every day.One particularly interesting side effect of Parkinsonís is called ďfreezingĒ or ďfreezing episodeĒ.This is when your body is in a mild state of paralysis. Weither you are walking, sleeping or awake.
Other side effects are foot shuffling, this is when a person cannot or finds it difficult to walk without lifting their feet entirely up off the ground.
"Freezing" interferes with daily functioning and quality of life and often results in falls that potentially can inflict serious injury.

Walking can be smooth again with the Laser Cane! It has proven effective in enhancing the quality of life, and furthering independence, Simply take normal steps as your Laser Cane projects a bright red line across your path. The laser beam is a safe, obstacle-free visual cue, which can enable Parkinson's patients and others to break "freezing" episodes and increase stride length.

The Laser Cane is useful for patients with Parkinsonís disease, Abnormal gait patterns (i.e., Ataxia) and Stroke rehabilitation.
The laser is automatically switched off again when the cane is lifted from the floor to prevent the possibility of shining the laser upwards. Always ensure that the laser is switched off when not in use and kept out of reach of children.

Specifications :

  Weight activated switch  
  ON/OFF switch  
  Padded handle  
  Height Adjustments :  31 to 40 inch. ( 80 cm to 102 cm )  
  Batteries :  2 x AA ( included)  

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