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Blue and Violet Lasers

Until the late 1990s, when blue semiconductor lasers were developed, blue lasers were large and expensive ,and needed high currents and strong cooling.
Thanks to prior development of many scientist groups, the technology behind these gallium nitride lasers has allowed a series of inventions and developed commercially viable blue and violet semiconductor lasers.
These lasers are useful for applications such as biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence sensing and microscopy.

Warning! These lasers emits radiation that can be harmful to the eye. Do not look directly into the laser aperture. Direct viewing of laser beam at close range may cause eye damage. (see laser classification)

Blue Laser pointerViolet Laser PointerViolet Laser Module

The 450 nanometer blue laser will captivate audiences wherever you take it, whether at home with friends or at a presentation conference.


This affordable and ultra modern violet laser pointer emits an exceptional rich violet beam that borders the ultraviolet, near the limit of visibility


These compact and efficient 405nm violet laser diode modules are available with output powers of <5mW or <20mW.

US$ 49.50
US$ 25.00
US$ 25.00 <5mW
US$ 29.50 <20mW
405nm Violet Line Laser Module

This compact and self-contained 405nm violet laser modules generate a line of 60 degrees. It's available in <5mW, <20mW and 50mW.

US$ 19.95 5mW
US$ 27.50 <20mW
US$ 35.00 <50mW