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Laser Safety Glasses

The humain eye is very sensitive to laser radiation and can be damaged from direct or reflected beams. Laser safety eyewear is designed to reduce the amount of incident light of specific wavelength to safe levels, while transmitting sufficient light for good vision.

Our laser safety eyewear come in a variety of types, colours, styles and prices. It is important to use the Laser safety Eyewear specifically designed for the characteristic of your laser.

Safety protective Goggles for red LasersSafety Glasses for red LasersLaser safety glasses for green laser

These protective goggles can provide a complete protection from accidental exposure to red laser


These Laser safety glasses have been designed to provide protection against accidental exposure to red laser beam of 620 to 700nm.


These laser safety goggles can protect against accidental exposure to green or blue laser beam.

US$ 39.50
US$ 59.95
US$ 59.95
Protective Goggles for Green and violet lasers.Safety Goggles for Green laserSafety eyewear for infrared and green laser

These Laser goggles have been designed to reduce the amount of incident light of Green or violet Laser to safe levels, while transmitting sufficient light for good vision


These safety goggles will protect your eye from excessive 532nm green laser beams


These high performance laser safety goggles are made of high PC material with laser absorber, these glasses protects against accidental eye exposure to green laser 315 to 532nm and Infra red 900 to 1070nm. .

US$ 45.00
US$ 25.00
US$ 69.95
Safety Glasses for Infrared and Green LaserInfra Red Laser Safety Glasses

These laser safety eyewear are made with polycarbonate lenses that protect against Green laser 200 to 532nm and infrared radiations of 900 to 1100nm.


Infra Red Laser Safety Glasses that cover from 740 to 1070nm

US$ 69.95
US$ 75.00