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Violet Laser Modules

These compact and self-contained 405nm violet laser modules are available with output powers of <5mW or <20mW. these 405nm laser modules are suitable for use in applications such as biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence sensing, microscopy and many other emerging technologies.

Warning! These lasers emits radiation that can be harmful to the eye. Do not look directly into the laser aperture. Direct viewing of laser beam at close range may cause eye damage. (see laser classification)

Violet Laser Module405nm Violet Line Laser Module3 Volts power supply kit

These compact and efficient 405nm violet laser diode modules are available with output powers of <5mW or <20mW.


This compact and self-contained 405nm violet laser modules generate a line of 60 degrees. It's available in <5mW, <20mW and 50mW.


Box unit for 2 AAA batteries. Includes two alligators clamps and ON / OFF switch.

US$ 25.00 <5mW
US$ 29.50 <20mW
US$ 19.95 5mW
US$ 27.50 <20mW
US$ 35.00 <50mW
US$ 9.75
110/220, power supply adaptorSafety eyewear for infrared and green laserSafety Glasses for Infrared and Green Laser

110/220, power supply adapter, 3 or 5V for laser modules. Includes 2 aligator clips


These high performance laser safety goggles are made of high PC material with laser absorber, these glasses protects against accidental eye exposure to green laser 315 to 532nm and Infra red 900 to 1070nm. .


These laser safety eyewear are made with polycarbonate lenses that protect against Green laser 200 to 532nm and infrared radiations of 900 to 1100nm.

US$ 17.50
US$ 69.95
US$ 69.95