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LN60-650 : Line laser module (650nm)

Line laser module
US$ 15.00 <1mW
US$ 15.00 <3mW
US$ 17.50 <5mW

Line laser module with a fan angle of 60°, available in 650nm, with an output power of 1, 3 or 5mW. It is suitable for alignment and pointing devices.
This laser module complies with European standards CE and RoHS, and with FDA regulations.

Specifications :

  Laser Class :  2, 3R ( II, IIIa)  
  Wavelength :  650nm  
  Output Power :  1, 3, 5mW  
  Operation Voltage :  3V DC  
  Operation Current :  35mA  
  Operation Temp. :  -10°C a +40°C  
  Optics :  Plastic lens  
  Beam :  Line, 60° fan angle  
  Divergence :  <2.0 mrd  
  Case Material :  Brass  
  Length :  22 mm (+/-0.5)  
  Diameter :  10 mm (+/- 0.1)  
  Wires Length :  100mm, (4 inch)  

Warning! These lasers emits radiation that can be harmful to the eye. Do not look directly into the laser aperture. Direct viewing of laser beam at close range may cause eye damage. (see laser classification)

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After originally burning out an old laser module and not being able to get a replacement in the UK, I came across your company whilst desperately searching the web for a replacement. The LS-35 is a great laser module and worth every dollar I paid for it! I wish you the best luck for the future and keep up the good work!

D.H Cobham, Surrey - uK